Inside (2015-2023)

Ros Boisier explores the recurring image, the one that multiplies in its ambiguous appearance and is placed before uprootedness, uncertainty and loneliness, through natural landscapes and the cities that have been travelled through and inhabited. An image that arises from the distancing from its place of origin and that mutates in the face of the vulnerability of contemporary societies.

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Ros Boisier

Muga / Ediciones Posibles, 2024
ISBN 978-84-09-56756-0
56 photographs / tritone
23,5 x 16 cm.
80 pages


Interview for LUR, by Alejandro León Cannock
Ros Boisier: “Through darkness I try to intuit the depth in the image, its hidden background”

Notes for a topology of interiority
Review of ‘Inside, by Rubén Ángel Arias

Ros Boisier

“The photographs in ‘Inside’ are inhabited by a crack that gives them a deep spiritual dimension”.
Alejandro León Cannock

“Ros Boisier has achieved in ‘Inside’ the closest thing in photography to being spoken to in a low voice. What he wants to tell in this photobook is chillingly close to silence”.
Rubén Ángel Arias